Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hamza Namira - Insan

Hamza Namira is a true musician, can play the guitar, and sing along to some fresh lyrics, this Alexandria boy is currently in Turkey recording his latest album, the song he will be working on is titled human, "Insan"

The album will be released summer of 2011, Hamza will be collaborating with Turkish and Arab musicians and technicians on next album project. GUC had the artist in a concert, the German University threw a concert and Hamza had more than 10 thousand fans.

Egyptian Hamza Namira has been working hard flying to Turkey to put the final touched on his new album due this month, "Insan", titled Human. The British label Awakening Record is behind this forthcoming album from this indie musicians who was indie before it was cool.

There will be 10 variety tracks on this album, the wor of mainly Egyptian lyricists and composers. He was one of those vocal artists that spoke against Mubarak and had many TV appearances, but his music talks about dreaming, at least his last album was in 2009.I am sensing the promo for the album gives a sneak peak about the album , it will be dealing with social and political aspect of Egypt, with a hint of religion. Three hot Turkish composers will be adding their touches to the tracks making it a work of art--or so they producers hope

Hamza Namira, is not only a new artist with Awakening, but he is a new model that represents an important side of the modern Arabic culture through our production. Being Egyptian, born in 1980 in Saudi Arabia, living between many Arab cities and among multi-levels, gave him the sense to determine the characteristics of the modern Arabic culture and its dream "Which will be the name of his first Album".
Hamza started playing Music in Alexandria- Egypt, when he was 17.

With this early age, he started composing as a consequence of his great love to Guitar and Keyboards.
1999 Hamza became a member in "Love & Peace" band. Till today Hamza still admits Mr. Nabil Albaklie .The band founder- great impact on his music and life in General.
"Nomaira" .A 5 members` band- was founded on the year 2001, by Hamza himself.

Album Title : Insan
01. Insan
02. El Midan
03. Hansa
04. El Taghriba 2 (Tazkarti)
05. Ya Muhawwin
06. Ew3dooni
07. Ibn El Watan
08. Balady Ya Balady
09. Ya Hanah
10. Doori
11. 7asser 7essarak
12. 3la Bab Allah
13. El Wshoosh
14. Sout
15. Heila Heila
16. Esmy Masr

The band had performed many live concerts, and used to participate in Musical contests and festivals. Although the band started to be well-known, especially through their songs discussing humanity and social issues, Hamza had to freeze the band activities after 3 years of success, due to the immigration of 3 members of the band.Hamza`s uniqueness is not only being one of the faces of the Arabic modern culture, but also his insistence on discussing our current social and common issues through his songs, to keep us dreaming of the better.

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